„Smile and let them wonder“
These are words I genuinely try to live by. I don’t mean „smile to impress others“, but „smile even in the darkest time of your life“. Your heart will feel much lighter, believe me. It’s not only a help to yourself but it might comfort people next to you as well. Remember that everyone has their own problem. Some are bigger, some are smaller. That doesn’t matter. But it matters that one warm smile of yours, in the right moment, might lift the mood of the person on the other side. Another argument for you to smile, regardless of what you’re going through at the moment – depression, work stress, illness, break up, … – is, that while you’re making an effort to smile, you unconsciously try to find a pleasant part in your life. That’s the first step toward positivity! And with positivity there comes hope. A smile is a free remedy and there are plenty of reasons to smile. So share your smile with the world. You should be remembered by your smiling face!