The Pearls of Flims

Date: 08. September 2017
Route: Thun – Chur – Waldhütte Caumasee – Caumasee – Rheinschlucht – Crestasee – Felsbach Crestasee – Chur – Thun

Soon the semester holidays will be over and the urge to go on as many adventures as possible gets higher. So my friend and I decided to do a little hiking tour. This time we agreed to discover the flims forest.

08.00 am – Thun

With some coffee and a croissant, I hopped on the train to Bern. I’m very sleepy. The train is so busy and noisy. The two in front of me are studying hectically for an accounting exam and the lady next to me is skyping with her boyfriend. No, I don’t stalk them. They are that loud, that I couldn’t ignore them. Soon enough I arrived in Bern.

08.30 am – Bern

There I meet my friend. She is running late because she had to grab some chocolate. Well, you can’t really go on a hike without chocolate, can you? Haha
Nonetheless,  we somehow were able to manage to get on the train to Zurich. We chit-chat and make our cool Dutch braids. An interesting hairstyle instead of a bun, but your hair is still out of your face. Before we leave the train we unexpectedly meet the cousin of my friend. Our train has a delay of 6 minutes…

09.30 am – Zurich

We are rushing into the train to Chur and trying to make out which side would face the lake. Obviously, we sat down on the wrong side haha! My dear friend brought me an Ovo drink! So I enjoy the Ovo and the beautiful view. After an hour and a half, we arrive in Chur.

11.00 am – Chur

We are very excited about the bus ride because we think it’s a cute experience to travel by a post bus (called „poschi“ in swiss german). The center of Chur isn’t that attractive. The further we get the nicer the ambiance becomes. We arrive in Flims.

11.30 am; Flims (Waldhaus Caumasee)

After grabbing some snacks at VOLG and a quick stop for the restroom, we are finally ready to start our little hiking tour!
Three-quarters of an hour passed by in a beautiful forest and we got to a nice spot at the lake. We settle at a sunny place to enjoy our pick nick which we brought from home. Delicious sandwiches, carrots, and some crackers. We feel like school kids because of our lunch bags. After having lunch I lay down to enjoy the bright sun and my friend is trying to sketch the lake. We’re so glad that we were blessed with nice weather. Then we take some fancy pictures of ourselves with this wonderful lake. The colors of this place can’t be captured as they are! Especially the turquoise of the lake is ineffable.

14.00 pm; Caumasee

We carry on with our journey. Since the Lake Cauma is fenced-in, we first have to walk back to the main entrance to get to the trail. I love to be in the forest. The silence and peace which you feel here is priceless!

14.30 pm; Ruinaulta

Suddenly we see less forest on the right side of the trail. We wonder what it was and go to have a look… A breathtaking view! It’s Ruinalta! The Grand Canyon of Switzerland. An emptiness filled with stunning colors! We take a moment to internalize this overwhelming sight!

15.00 pm; somewhere in the forest

All of a sudden there is no signpost in the direction to Lake Creasta. We just follow our instincts…
Luckily, after a while, a new sign for Lake Cresta appears. Slowly the silence of nature gets disturbed. We can hear some vehicles again. That’s why I personally recommend to start with the Lake Creasta and end with the Lake Cauma. After a good while in the forest, we see some water. It’s greenish turquoise. It has less of a blue tone compared to the Lake Cauma. It’s the Lake Cresta!

16:00 pm; Restaurant of Lake Creasta

Finally, we can sit. Both of us were tired even though it wasn’t an extreme hiking tour. But I guess that’s the lack of sleep. Always sleep enough before you go on a hike! The Restaurant of Lake Cresta looks really cute and welcoming. We drink some Rivella and discussed what we should eat for dinner. Then we go down to the lake again and take some pictures of this lovable view. Since our bus leaves in 20 minutes we have to get back on our trail.

17.00 pm; Felsbach Crestasee Busstop

Now we have 30 minutes to relax before we have dinner. We actually decided to eat in a restaurant… But there is a sausage stand in front of us… and both of us love bratwurst… So we agreed to eat bratwurst!

18.09 pm; Chur

The tour is over and we both are exhausted. Now we’re sitting in the train to Bern/Thun. It was a pleasant day!

On the way back, my friend and I didn’t exchange more than 5 sentences. But that’s what I love about our friendship. I didn’t need to explain to her why I’m on my phone instead of talking to her. We both understood. Adventures demand a lot of energy, don’t they?

Photography by: Stéphanie and Zazou

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