My Most Favorite Season

The leaves get more colorful, the temperatures fall, the brown bear, the hedgehog, the squirrel and many other friends make themselves ready for their winter dormancy. This can only mean, that my favorite season of thei year is going to knock on my door very soon! Today is the official beginning of autumn – the 22nd September. I’m super excited to step into the most beautiful time of the year! Here are some points,  I’m looking forward to:

Autumn Leaves
Hot chocolate
Boots, scarves, and hats
Candles and bonfires
Cuddly socks
Oversized jumpers
Romantic baths in the evening
Enjoying rainy days under a blanket
The excitement that Christmas is approaching
Loose clothes with stockings
Trying out various tea flavors

Autumn has always been my favorite season. To me, it seems like nature saved all of the fascinating colors, its true beauty and ability to present them all together at this time of the year. I would call it the carnival of nature! Of course the days I like the most are those with bright sunlight which enhances the contrast of the ineffable colors of autumn. I’m pretty sure that today will turn into one of those cheerful autumn days. On such days it’s warm enough to sit outside with a jumper and watch the sun fall asleep at earlier hours while sipping on a seasonal tea or a coffee. Not only the sunny days but also those rainy and cold ones caught my heart. Imagine yourself sitting on a couch faced to a window, with a blanket over your lap, reading a book and enjoying a hot chocolate. You can not ask for more – can you? And all the delicious pumpkin recipes! I think I’ve raved enough for now. Put on some comfy sweaters, grab a warm drink and get ready to enjoy those beautiful colors of autumn!

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