Because The End of A Semester Should Be Celebrated!

Date: 30. January 2017 – 03. February 2017
Place: Amsterdam

As soon as we finished our exams my travel buddy and I took off to Amsterdam. It wasn’t our first trip to Amsterdam so we didn’t plan a touristic trip and didn’t go for the „typical“ sightseeing. We both know this city well…

30.January 2017

We arrived in Amsterdam late at night. We grabbed some food, went for a walk and then went off to bed…

31. January 2017

We started this day with a visit to the Moco Museum. We went to see the works of Banksy and Salvador Dali. I loved it. It was very impressive and entertaining. Afterwards, we enjoyed the lovable atmosphere in front of the Rijksmuseum. Delightful music with rainbow bubbles and cheerful people. In the evening we went to The Seafood Bar to enjoy our dinner. The food was delicious yet expensive. Later we walked back to the hotel and let this restful night fade away.

01. February 2017

The next morning started with an espresso and a stroopwafel. We actually planned to take a boat ride but unfortunately, we were too late. So we had to change our plans. We headed back to the hotel and ate lunch. Then we decided to go for a walk. On the way, we stopped at a bar and had some hot chocolate with cream. Amsterdam is such a charming city. You will never have seen enough of its grace! For dinner, we had bitterballen with french fries. After tasting one of the specialties of Amsterdam, we walked through the center and visited the red light district. It was a weird experience, especially as a woman. It wasn’t the first time for me, still, I was shocked by this image…

02. February 2017

On the following day, we woke up pretty late. Our first mission was to find and taste red velvet cake in Amsterdam. We finally went to De Drie Graefjes – Rokin and their red velvet cakes are so tasty! The place is very busy and the arrangement was cosy. We got two huge pieces of cake so that we had to skip lunch. Then in the afternoon we finally got on a boat. It was a nice tour with an enjoyable view. As it is the tradition of my travel bubby and me, to go for a fancy dinner on our last night abroad, we went to a nice Indian restaurant called Memories of India. We enjoyed some rich food with a relaxing ambiance.

03. February 2017

Sadly our last day in Amsterdam arrived. Since our flight was in the evening we had the chance to take our breakfast/brunch at the famous Pancake Bakery. We then spent some time at a playground on a swing and talked for some time. This was our way of saying goodbye to this vivid, happy and lovable city!

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