On A Sunny Autumn Day

Date: 13. October 2017
Route: Walenstadt – Walenstadtberg – Walenstadt

Lately, the sun has become less shy and blessed us with its greatness and warmth. So what else should I do than spend some time outside? A friend of mine and I decided to go on a little hiking tour.

11.00 am – Walenstadt Trainstation

We arrive in Walenstadt. After 5 minutes of walking, we find a Migros where we buy some meat and fish to grill. We both love barbecuing.

11.30 am – Walenstadt Seepark

We find a fireplace with a stunning view. Switzerland is insanely beautiful! We enjoy grilled salmon and sausages with bread and tomato spread.

13.30 pm – Walenstadt

Lake Walen’s clear water and its graceful blue always calm my heart. After that treat, we still have some leftovers which we take along for snacking. We pack our bags and leave for our mini hiking tour.

13.30 pm Walenstadt 

This trail is a bit steep, especially the beginning. Unfortunately, we yet hear traffic noises and there is construction work going on. Furthermore, this trail starts with tar roads, which was another reason why I don’t really feel comfortable. But after a while, you get into a calm forest. The sunlight enhances the beautiful autumn colors of the leaves. The water dances its way down through the rocks to its own music. Suddenly we don’t even notice a trace of mankind, only nature.

15.00 pm – Walenstadtberg

But the silence didn’t last for long. We get back on tar roads as soon as we arrive in the village of Walenstadtberg. The view from above is nice, but the place itself isn’t that overwhelming. An old farmer told us that in the upper village we could visit some interesting monuments. But it would take us 2 hours to get there. Regarding our train connections and the fact that we both were already tired we decided to save that place for another day. We walk around in the village and sight some cute deer and a lamb, which became my friend haha.

15.30 pm – Calusa Beizli

We found a cozy little Café and enjoy our afternoon beverage with an ineffable view. People here are very kind and welcoming. From distance, I observe a city. I’m able to cover the hole environment with one hand, and all of a sudden the problem we all face in our stressed grayish lives seem to be even tinier…

16.00 pm – Waalenstadtberg

After a break, we take a different trail to get back to the city. On this path, we were able to spend more time in the nature compared to the first one. The colors get warmer as the sunset comes closer. I don’t like to walk down. It is so painful for the knees and annoying. But I still try to entertain my friend and myself with some folk songs haha.

17.00 pm; Waalenstadt Seepark

After approximately one hour we arrive in Walenstadt. We go to the Migros again, buy some orange juice, some snacks and hop on the train.
I really appreciate memories like this. And I am very thankful to all my friends and family for such priceless experiences. This and similar activities fill me with energy and motivation. I hope you’re enjoying the lovely autumn weather. Thanks for reading 🙂
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