Make someone’s day a little brighter!

be good to people for no reason

Being good to people usually doesn’t cost you anything. So why shouldn’t we be kind to each other? I don’t want you to be a creep who says good morning to everyone on the train with a joker smile on. But that one person you make eye-contact with…do something to make his day a little brighter. Gift him with a smile, wish him a good morning or make him comfortable with a compliment – anything in your power. This is something I genuinely try. Yes, I try! I was not born this way but it means enough to me to put in that extra effort. And believe it or not, it makes me feel good as well. I agree, sometimes it might be super awkward to tell a stranger that their outfit is on point. But that cute smile that comes in return as they say thanks, makes it worth it every single time. And before you pay attention to a total stranger, put some effort in your friends and family. When you see your brother’s favorite chocolate bar, buy it and bring it along home. While making yourself a cup of tea, just make a second one for your sister who’s preparing for her exams. When you get out of the bus thank the driver for taking you from A to B safely. It may be a little gesture from you but it will definitely mean a lot to the person on the opposite. And for those who are looking for excuses already…wouldnt you be happy if someone did something like that to you? Remember it’s all about giving and receiving.
So now I wish you all a wonderful Monday and hope you have a great week. Make someone’s day a little more special!

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