Chit-Chat #1


Hey guys ♥
I’m back. I’m sorry but unfortunately I had to give my studies more preference due to exam season. Honestly speaking, I sat down a few times and started writing and got stuck. I thought that the post was to short or the picture didn’t look good enough and all the other complexity thoughts that may appear while preparing a blog post. And that will lead us to the first topic of something new I wanted to start. The chit-chat series with Zazou. I genuinely try to sit down and upload a little chit-chat post every Monday evening and it will make me very happy if you interact with me through comments or dms on instagram. So let’s start…
I would consider myself a perfectionist. Everything just has to be the way, I imagined it in my head. If a line in my notes is a couple of millimeters too long, I would rewrite the whole page just to make sure that it looks perfect. If the plan of taking the 07.34 train for an excursion doesn’t work out… it will ruin my whole day. I know it’s not a good or healthy thing. And I’m trying to change this for one or two years now. But this year I really started to enhance the imperfections to fight my perfectionist mind. I forbid myself to rewrite that page, but coup with the mistake. And I try not to ruin a whole day only because I had to take another train. And even this blog… I announced to post every Monday… but if I don’t make it. I just don’t make it. I’m not irresponsible nor a bad person nor unworthy. I had other things to do. End of the story.  We first have to prioritize ourself as humans, ignoring any expectation. We have to allow ourself to make mistakes and learn to live with them. Nobody is perfect and nobody has to be perfect.
Here I share a few „mistakes” I recently allowed myself:
  • My bullet journal become more functional than spmthing that is aesthetically pleasing; I can cross out things now.
  • I didn’t do my nails and three of them broke, and I’m walking around like this.
  • I allow myself to continue to write with another pen instead of the one I started with.
  • and many more…
I know some of you think I’m a freak… but I’m sure some of you will understand me very well. I have a lot of friends with the same problem and I hope that this somehow helps someone. And remember: its more important to be consistent than perfect 🙂
I’m really excited for this series and hope you enjoy it too. And thanks to all those cute readers who asked curiously when my next post will be updated. I hope you liked this post and if you have any Ideas for future chit-chat posts, just let me know via comments, mail or instagram dms. Now I wish you all a great week and enjoy your evening.
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