Chit-Chat #2

decide to be happy

“Like everybody else I have six basic emotions: sadness, suprise, anger, joy, fear, and disgust. Only one of them is positive, one is neutral, and all the others are negative.”

– Stefan Sagmeister,  The Happy Show

Hello my beautiful friends ♥
With these words, I’d like to start the second post of the chit-chat series. This paragraph is an extract from an art exhibition, that I visited last week in Zurich. At this time I was already thinking about „happiness“ since many of my friends and I felt so desperate and down. While everyone is presenting themselves as a happy being on social media, they also frequently complain about feeling sad or depressed in real life. Why is it, that we always find ourselves complaining about life?

Well, the quote made something clear to me. Even in language use, we only have one word or emotion that represents the positive feeling (of course there are many synonyms). In this case, happiness is theoretically 1/6 of our feelings. Still wondering why you feel so much negativity? But the magic lays in the weight you give each section.

I would like to demonstrate something with an illustration.

If you have to divide a piece of paper into six rectangles and color them in with blue for sadness, anger, fear, and disgust, with turquoise for surprise and with green for joy, you can get different results.
Here you can see 2 possible solutions:

You decide whether you want a bluish or greenish picture. There will always be positive events and negative events in your life. You have to enhance the good things in order to feel joy! Nothing but your mindset is responsible for your own happiness. It’s all in your head. Not the environment, not the circumstances but your mind! If you really want to, you can feel joy despite bad grades, low income, family problems etc. Decide to be happy, and you will!

I hope you understood my explanations and liked this post. If you have any questions or ideas for future chit-chat posts, just let me know via comments, mail or instagram dms. Have a great week and be happy!

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  1. randomlord
    randomlord says:

    Hey there. How do you think that a person can be happy, if their life-picture changed from one day to another? What if every reason they had, to do anything, suddenly stopped to exist in their life?
    What if the circumstances made it impossible to work out, and the people didn‘t made it work? Is the problem within the people, or the circumstances?

    And how are you supposed to be happy if everything in your life is falling apart slowly? How can I change my mindset, to compete with the fast change of my partners mind?

    • zazou
      zazou says:

      Heey ?
      First of all, thank you for your comment and for opening up to me!

      Coming to your first question, I think that at the very first moment it’s definitely too difficult to see the positive side of the whole change. But actually, our „life-picture“ is changing all the time. As a little child, we believed in Santa and on one day our parents told us that Santa was a myth. It may now seem to be a foolish example… but for a child and its brain, this may be a drastic change. But as a kid, we are more open and we accept changes. Whereas adults we become more and more stubborn. Our lives don’t have to be the way we imagine them to be. And I truly hope an am pretty sure that you couldn’t lose all the reasons for life.

      To the second part: as I wrote in the blog post, nothing or no one is responsible for your happiness. People come and go out of your life and circumstances change. That’s how life works. You have to make yourself happy.

      And if your life seems to fall apart, it is your time to stand up NOW and rebuild it!!! No one else is going to help you! And if you wait, it will get worse with every additional day. You can’t sit around crying and watch how your life falls apart! Come out of your dark bubble and do what you have to do in order to bring your life back together. Do what makes you happy. It’s all in your head! I didn’t quite understand the partner part, can you explain this to me?

      However, to sum it up: Pull up your socks and start to rebuild your life!!! you can do it!

      (I could have given you a less rough answer… but I believe this may help you more ? Please excuse me if I hurt you.I didn’t meant to ? )


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