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Hello my loves ♥

Some of you asked me to write about „women’s empowerment“. I guess this suggestion came because of the International Women’s Day and because of my Instagram-story. Before I begin, I would like to clarify, that I would not call myself a feminist. I do too little research and I honestly don’t know many things that happen around the world. Nor am I aware of any numbers and statistics. I speak only out of my own experience and what I observed in my environment.

I will talk about three points: equality, women as a barrier to women’s empowerment and abuses in a familiar environment. Let’s get started!

  • Equality:
    Being raised as a Tamil girl in a western country, I faced a lot of contradictory. One of those was the different image of a woman. I realized soon enough that I was not treated equally to a boy. First I thought it was only my Tamil family. But later and later I realized that also other non-Tamil girls were treated differently. I didn’t understand. Especially in the age of seven or eight, where you don’t think of it. I started reacting every time I heard a sentence like “the girly stuff”, “girls should do that”, “girls shouldn’t do this”. I always raised my voice for myself. And so should you. If you are not treated fairly, react! I don’t want to say that women and men are the same physically or mentally. But rights should be equal and opportunities should be equally accessible.
  • Women as a barrier to women’s empowerment
    I guess my father was the first person who fought for my rights, and then my brother. My mum or my aunt were the ones who tend to hold me back because they were afraid of the society, who trained them to think that girls should and shouldn’t do certain things. And many girlfriends tried to knock me down because of jealousy. In my experience, I got more support from men than women. Girls, we need to support each other!!
  • Abuses in a familiar environment
    I hear a lot of news where women protest for many different reasons. Some for equal salary, some for the access to education, etc. And this is all fine and great. But why is it, that women’s movement got so far, and still some girls don’t even feel comfortable in their own home. So many girls, get abused by their family members and struggle to inform their family and live a life in hell. They can’t even relax and be themselves at home and sometimes try to commit suicide. As I read many stories on Instagram from the account @thesocialbutterfly I seriously started crying. I read all these stories with shock and fear in my eyes. Therefore I kindly request everyone to first create a better home, than a better world. Talk to your daughters and sisters, if they fear to open up to you. And if you are not treated fairly at home, speak up. Because homes create society!

Bellow, I share my Instagram stories from the International Women’s Day, to sum up my view.

I know that this is a very controversial topic but I stated my opinion because some of you wanted to hear what I had to say. Please share your own experience, suggestions or questions via comments, mail or Instagram dms. I hope you liked this post and I wish you all a great week.
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