Chit-Chat #6

why power

Hello my loves ♥

Here I am again with the sixth post of the chit-chat with Zazou series. Today we are going to talk once again about ourselves. I promise to change that „self-love/ self-discovery“ mood up in coming weeks. But there is something that I wanted to share this week.

I don’t know how it is with you but I question everything. I need to know why I’m doing things, and why things are the way they are. Because of that, I failed certain times; e.g. in changing my habits. Only because I believed I could achieve such things with nothing but willpower. Don’t understand me wrong. I need willpower. But for me the answer “why?” has to be answered, in order to increase my willpower even more.

So what is why power? Why power is simply seeing the reason while you working on something. In the following chart, I will try to show you the difference between willpower and why power.

I want better grades.
I want better grades because I need a minimum grade point average to do the PhD
I want to eat healthier.
I want to eat healthier because I want to support my body and brain with the best recourses.
I want to wake up earlier.
I want to wake up earlier because I sleep too much at the moment and I lose precious time.
I want to make more me time.
I want to make more me time because I need to take care of myself and recharge for the upcoming events.

Well, I hope you got the idea. Maybe this helps you. I had a long time to figure that out. To not only define the goal, but also the purpose. And it helped me a lot. But I’m still learning to think in this way and hope it will get me even further.

I hope you liked this post even though it was really short. And if you have any Ideas for future chit-chat posts, just let me know via comments, mail or insta dms. Now I wish you all a great week and enjoy your evening.

Thanks for reading ♥
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