Chit-Chat #7


Hello my friends ♥

Finally, it is getting warmer and the sun pleases us with its presence. I very much enjoy admiring the first flowers, listening to the refreshing birdsong and dressing lighter. Last Saturday I had a fun barbecue with my friends. We had a good time with delicious food and a comfortable vibe. Moreover, we were sitting on a roof deck with a view to the parliament.

I love those little signs of spring. All of a sudden you meet more people on the street.. or at least I am more pleased to see them. haha. You spent more time on lakesides. You get together with friends for a barbecue. And the sun sets much later. And even if we all celebrate the first of January as the new beginning, for me often the beginning comes with spring. After all the exams and the hecticness of organizing the new semester, I finally can relax and praise the beginning of spring. I think that it is so delightful to wake up to the twittering of birds. I feel much more motivated to walk to the train station instead of taking the bus. And I don’t need to sit in a coffee shop and swallow unnecessary calories to keep myself warm while waiting for the next train. All in all, I love spring and I am very happy to take joy in every single element of it. Unfortunately today the temperature fell again. However, I’m expecting nothing else from April. haha. Soon enough we will enjoy warmer days for a longer period!

How do you feel about spring? Keep sharing your thoughts and questions with me. I’d love to have a discussion with you! If you have any Ideas for future chit-chat posts, just let me know via comments, mail or Instagram dms. Now I wish you all a pleasant week and enjoy your evening.
Thanks for reading ♥

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