Chit-Chat #9


Hello my loves ♥
Are you all enjoying the summer? Here in Switzerland, we are now finally enjoying some sunny days after a long period of gloomy weather. Directly after my last exams, I started to work at a senior home. Since I was very frustrated after the exam season, because things never end the way we plan it, work was a good change. Not only for my body, which was very inactive but also for my mind. After the exam season, I felt very stupid and useless, because I haven’t done very well on some exams. And soon enough I started thinking that I’m not able to study, not worth studying at a University and that I am an incapable person etc. Just because I’m mostly surrounded by students and only see their and my view. However, after working in this senior home, I got many other perspectives again. These views made me realize that it is not that tragic to blew a test and that those are privileged complaints. Not only the co-workers but also the elderly people have given me much indirect advice. Especially the seniors made me realise how precious each moment of our life is, and that I can not come to a conclusion about my life at the age of twenty-two. Moreover, they showed me how important it is to have a good relationship with family and friends, but also how essential it is to know the prominence of occupying oneself without expecting others. These are only a few examples. I want all my reader to be aware of the fact that we should sometimes change our perspectives. Often our problems aren’t that big. We just have to look down on our issues instead of looking up to them. This is the simplest yet hardest tip I want you to take along.
I hope you liked this post even though it was short. After posting many chit chat post lately, I decided to treat you with something from another category. Do you have a guess? Just let me know via comments, mail or insta dms. Now I wish you all a great week and enjoy your evening. ?
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