Cervia 2017

Date: 25.07.2017 – 29.07.2017
Placee: Milano – Cervia Milano Marittima – Rimini

These were the last five weeks of school holidays of my little brother. So we spontaneously planned another short trip before he started his apprenticeship. We both decided to take 2 friends with us, so we booked everything and were ready to go!

25 July 2017

We took the train at 07.54 and arrived in Milano at 10.37. I’m so glad that there is a direct train from my hometown to Milano since I visit Milano at least twice a year. We left our luggage at the main station and took the metro towards la piazza di Duomo. There we had our lunch which was very expensive for Italy’s standards. In touristic cities like Milano, you have to choose your restaurants wisely. Since we didn’t have much time in Milano, we avoided losing too much time looking around for a place to eat and ended up paying expensive bills. Then we went shopping. That’s actually the main reason for me to visit Milano again and again haha. After approximately 5 hours in Milano, we took the train for Cervia. After a fun trip on the Italian trains, which were very noisy and unreliable, we arrived in Cervia. For dinner, we shared 8 Piadinas. It was raining really badly so be bought the food from a little take away near the apartment. Soon enough we all disappeared beneath our bedsheets.

26 July 2017

The next day we had to do some groceries because we didn’t want to eat out that often. Unfortunately, we left our apartment only after 12.00 am and at this time most of the stores had lunch break till 16.00 am. Then we found a mini market and there we bought the items we needed for the lunch, went back, cooked and enjoyed our meal and went back to the big store again. We almost spend half of the day buying food and drinks haha. In the evening we enjoyed our dinner at the apartment. At late night, we went to the beach. I love to sit and talk at the beach; especially at night.

27 July 2017

Actually, we planned to get up early this day but all of us were soooo tired and we only woke up before noon. Then we had a quick breakfast/brunch and left for Rimini. There we had some difficulties to agree on a restaurant and to find one where you can get lunch at 03.00 pm haha. My brother and his friend were so into video games that they went to a game arcade at least once a day. There were many of them and they were cheaper than those in Switzerland; so the boys took advantage of this opportunity. So they were gone for a few hours and my travel buddy and I had some coffee at Ecstasy Café.
Then we went back to Cervia and took a walk along the beach. We had some delicious food at Ristorante Pizzeria Pepenero. And we got 20% for booking via Trip Advisor. So use such opportunities guys!

28 July 2017

This was our “Chillday”. In the morning we went swimming in the pool and then had lunch in the apartment. In the afternoon, we went to the beach. Then at last in the evening we had dinner at the apartment and went to bed early because we had to leave the next day.

29 July 2017

We checked out and went to a Coffeeshop called Cafeteria et Colazioni. There we had some breakfast. Then we left that cute little town. On the way back the trains were fully busy and had delays. So most of the people were in a bad mood and we were all glad to be back in Switzerland!

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