Malta 2017

Date: 07.08.2017 – 11.08.2017
Place: Malta

07. August 2017

We landed in Malta at 14.00 am and we missed our bus. So we had to wait at the airport till 15.00. In this time we had some food at the airport. Then we took the bus and theoretically the duration of the ride was supposed to be 45min. In the end, we spent 2 hours on that bus. Since we arrived almost 3 hours later at the hotel than expected we couldn’t go to medina as planned. We had dinner at the Luzzu Restaurant, Conference and Lido. The food was delicious but we ordered too much. As we were tired from the bus ride we went to bed quite early.

08.. August 2017

For the next day, we booked the „Gozo and Comino Cruise Excursion” at Trip Advisor. This experience was worth the money and time! First, they picked us up at the hotel and brought us to the harbour of Bugibba. From there we took the Boat to Gozo. As soon as we arrived in Gozo they picked us up with sightseeing buses. The tour was weel-scheduled. We always had enough time to take pictures, to walk around or have lunch. We had lunch at tepie’s coffee bar. It was very delicious! Later we took the boat from Cozo to Comino. There we visited the Blue Lagoon. It was a memorable experience. The view was ineffable! I loved it! On the way back we sat in the open area of the boat. Since I wore my wet bikini on and it was very windy I caught a cold. But it wasn’t that bad. The next day I was fit again.

09. August 2017

On the third day, we went to Valetta. It’s the capital of Malta. We first walked through the City centre of Valetta and enjoyed some cold Costa Coffee. It was really hot outside. Then we decided to discover this city mostly without maps. We took the roads we thought would be interesting, which lead to the sea. We sat down for a while and enjoyed the view. Then we walked further. I was so exhausted and hot. Suddenly we were in the middle of nowhere. But the place was stunning. Only us, the rocks, an old castle and the sea. We enjoyed the silence. A little while later we saw some other people there. We just followed the road and got back to the City again. This little excursion took us four hours. Since we had only a little water with us during this time we both were very thirsty. So we went to a bar and had some drinks. A little beautiful parrot gave us company. Then we walked back to the city centre and enjoyed the atmosphere. Lovely music, shimmering lights, peaceful people walking around and the exhausted us. Then we went back to Qawra and had Dinner.

10. August 2018

The last day we spent in Bugibba. As it is the tradition of my travel bubby and me to go for a fancy dinner on our last night abroad we had to decide Where we were going to eat. It took us quite a while to decide. As soon as the reservation was done we went to the pool and enjoyed the warm weather with some drinks from the bar. In the evening we left for dinner. We had to take the bus to Mellieha and got to the restaurant called one80 Kitchen & Lounge. Everything about this dinner was amazing. The Food, the view, the Service and especially our timing to catch the sunset. On the way back to the hotel we had a little accident with the bus. Nothing tragic, yet unpleasant. While we waited for another bus to pick us up, two girls in the back of the bus made up a song: „we want to go to Bugibba“. A tune and experience I will never forget.

11. August 2017

We couldn’t do much on the last day because our flight was at 09.00 am. So we had to wake up early and get directly to the airport. Returning to Switzerland I had to face a thermal shock. We had to deal with 14° Celsius after spending the last couple of days with 30°-37° Celsius. I bought a jumper as soon as I was in the City haha. However, it’s always good to be home!

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