A lovely dream of a Sunday

Date: 21. October 2018
Place: Konzepthalle6 Thun

Oooh how much I love to brunch!!

It was a glowy Sunday morning when my friends and I met at the train station of Thun. We walked to the restaurant in the morning sun and had a good chat. Then we finally arrived in one of my favourite buildings in Thun: Halle6.

It was built in 1917 for metal works. The whole area was used for manufacturing. Today Halle6 is listed and therefore has it’s own exterior architecture. das Konzert AG has won the competition for the Halle6 and has redesigned the interior space. Now there is an absolutely amazing combination between restaurant, workspace, exhibitions and event halls.

I’m totally in love with this place! We had an ineffably good brunch and enjoyed the delicious and fresh food. The ambience and the service was very nice. After a four hour long consumption of deliciousness, we left with happy tummies.

Afterwards, we went for a walk in Thun. I can’t stop raving about this city. Every time I fall in love all over again. We ended our Sunday trip at the train station and went home. This is how every Sunday should look like!

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