Photoshoot w/ A • J Photography

17. September 2017

The woman behind A.J. Photography is one gem of a person! Even though I knew Ajeena since childhood, I got to know her in a different way. Such a talented, professional and humble woman. I texted her regarding a photoshoot and everything was fixed very quickly and smoothly. We met at 11.00 and we were done by 13.00. She worked really quick but also precise and she didn’t lose too many shots trying. Since I’m not a model or alike I struggled a bit with posing. However, Ajeena was very helpful in showing me different poses and instructed me very well.

This was probably my first photo shoot, which was done by someone other than my best friend or my brother, haha. I wanted to do more photoshoots because I was very body-conscious while taking photos. I hated to take full body pictures because I didn’t know how to pose or what to do with my arms etc.  I wanted to challenge myself and since I knew Ajeena already and was found of her photography skills I started with her. It was an amazing start! Since that day, I’ve done several shootings and I think I as well got better and more confident in posing.

I planned to write this blog a long time ago, and finally found time to do it. I know that a lot of my friends would love to do photo shootings but struggle with the same problems as I did. Book a shooting with a photograph and just give it a try! There’s nothing you can lose! You don’t have to be a supermodel to gather amazing pictures of yourself!

Photography by: A • J Photography
Edited by: Zazou’s Diary

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