Hello my loves ♥

I hope you’re all doing good. Today we are talking about gratitude journaling. I’ve already written a post about gratitude; please go check it out! So today I just want to remind all of you and myself to enjoy this Christmas time with a grateful heart. Usually, all your emotions and attitudes can be controlled by yourself. You have to imagine them to be a muscle. A muscle doesn’t grow massively overnight, and the same applies to your thoughts. You need to work on them.

Unfortunately, I was not able to journal or enjoy much “me time” in the past few months. Therefore, I notice a big difference in my thoughts. For a lot of my friends, I may still seem to be positive. However, even though I’m having a great time, I would claim that now, I’m in one of my worst state regarding positive thinking. I have to change! And I’m not waiting until New Year. So for the next 24 days, I promise to share (on my Instagram Story) at least one thing, for which I’m grateful. And I hope that with baby steps I would get back to my bright and positive mindset.

So I challenge you as well to join me on this journey of gratitude.
I hope you liked this post and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

Lots of love!

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