A Simple Gift Idea

for Her ♥

Christmas is getting closer and it’s about time to organise the first gifts. In this blog post, I’ll show you a very simple gift idea. It’s a basket filled with little bottles of treat. You buy a wooden basket on a market or on the internet. You can decorate this basket with colour bands and cotton pages. Then you can fill the basket with beauty products and sweets. I’ve already written some blog posts about natural beauty products, some of which will be listed below, together with new ideas.

Possible Treats:

You can do the same with food products, stationery kits or personal vouchers. Of course, you can buy such baskets on the internet or in stores. However, I guess the recipient will be more pleased to know that it was self-made and you have more control about the content! Self-made gift mostly get closer to one’s heart! Give it a try 😀

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I’ll catch you tomorrow ♥

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