A Simple Gift Idea

for Him ♥

After giving you a gift idea for her, I decided to do the same for him. It actually falls into the same category. Because of a boy like treats as well! haha. Get a fancy and sturdy toiletry bag. I recommend a leather bag. Then you can fill it with cosmetic items for men. The oils, that I mentioned on my blog work for men as well! Many men are into beard care or are trying to boost their beard growth. So today I’ll be focusing on that. Of course, you can always add other toiletries to this gift.

Possible Treats:

I recommend you to purchase custom oils and to fill it into tiny glass bottles to make it fancier. However, if you buy these beard care items, please make sure to not buy those regular and cheap products from the wholesalers. They’re not bad, but there are so many barber shops and expert (hispter) “beard shops” out there. Please go to them. They may be a bit on the pricier side but they sell good stuff!

You can also gift a watch, a self-written recipe book or write some motivational card for certain situations. Here I quote the same as for her: Of course, you can buy such sets on the internet or in stores. However, I guess the recipient will be more pleased to know that it was self-made and you have more control about the content! Self-made gift mostly get closer to one’s heart! Give it a try 😀

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I’ll catch you tomorrow ♥

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