The Miracle of Spring


Hello, my lovely friends! ♡

Generally one sets new goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year. However, this has never been the case with me. I only start to blossom in spring. This is the time where I get my life together. I start with a thorough clean-up on my space, with setting up new habits, with gym, etc.. And the greatest pillar which supports all these improvements is a bullet journal. Unsurprisingly, have I noticed, that all my previous bullet journals start in the middle of March!

Fortunately,  this year, I’ve finally been able to change something about my blog! Thanks to Axobyte’s talent and support I got my blog to my likings. Since I lost my excitement for my previous blog design, I stopped posting any content. I’m a very perfectionist and visual person. So if I’m not happy with how something looks, I won’t publish it. I know that this is not the best habit for creative work. However, I need to be satisfied in order to be proud and happy about my work.

So here I am, totally excited about creating new content on my new and stunning blog!!! I love spring for waking up the fitter and better part of me. Let’s flourish to the fullest!


How do you like my new blog design? Doesn’t it look lovely? Leave a comment below and tell me how you’re feeling about spring!

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