A Cosy Brunch by YourDay Event Design

Date: 10. March 2019
Place: Schmitte Gwatt

Bruch is always a good idea!!

Another lovely Sunday morning. The perfect chance for a perfect brunch! Actually, I’m so glad that my friend circle is as obsessed with brunching as I am. Already a few weeks before the event my friends and I booked our brunch date. We’ve already heard about YourDay Event Design before because this company is housed near our neighbourhood. As soon as we saw that they are organizing a brunch, we had no choice but to join their guest list.

YourDay Event Design

Planning on a wedding, baby shower or the like? Here is your chance to optimize your event!
This business venture is all about making your special day even more special! By request, they will plan and organize everything for you from A-Z, while you remain to be the boss and guide! They will manage your event and will make sure that everything runs smoothly and stays professional. From idea collection to the organization and execution, will be done by them in the background and presented thoroughly.

Upon a very welcoming arrival, we went to our table. We were mesmerized by all this chic yet comfortable setting. The location was a perfect contrast to the candle stands and dishes. With the doughnut wall and other decorations they made a smooth transition from elderly elegant to modernly cosy. The food was locally prepared so they didn’t run out of food. Bacon for everyone! Haha! The food offered in a good variation and was undoubtably delicious. The ambience was very relaxing and we almost felt to be in a family event. I would say that’s a big success for YourDay Event Design. After a few spring hours, we left the brunch with happy tummies and calmed souls!

Last but not least, thanks to Florian Gunter for these stunning pictures!

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