A Fancy Sunday Afternoon Tea!

Date: 17. March 2019
Place: Atrium-Hotel Blume

A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds!!

Another Week, another treat! It is amazing to have friends around you, who know you the best! They know what makes your heart smile. On this rainy Sunday afternoon, my best friend and I went to Baden. She gifted me an Afternoon Tea for my birthday and only 3 months later we found a date. haha. The weather was actually very gloomy and melancholic. It would have been the perfect day to stay in bed. However, we decided to go and have a cup of tea with some other deliciousness at Atrium-Hotel Blume. This took us approximately 1.5 hours.
And believe me, it was totally worth it! You can see how amazing and cosy this place looks in the pictures below. I’m al about brunches, afternoon tea and all these cosy and cheesy stuff. It fills my heart with joy and I’m thankful for all the beautiful souls who share their priceless time with me!

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