Once upon a time…

COVID – 19

Once upon a time…

One week has passed since the easing of controls set by the government. However, the vibe is still tensed. How long will it take? How long will it take, to get back to that everyday life we had before 2020? 

This is me in the picture, observing the sunrise during a flight with a heart filled with hope, enthusiasm and contentedness. Even though I was somehow caught in that plane, up above in the sky with possible danger, I felt safe. I had hope that I would land soon and start my holidays. But then, since March, I was sitting in my room, feeling unsafe. Not only because of the virus but because of something much bigger. 

I’m afraid of this uncertainty that has risen above all of us. Things that most of us took for granted, things that we have worked hard for, things that we never had thoughts about becoming uncertain. From smaller things like my bus for school at 06.53 to the resources of our country, had to be questioned.

As the government announced that schools, restaurants and many more other places have to be closed, I almost panicked. However, I didn’t have time. As soon as the government announced that the schools were closing, I had to rethink all my prepared lessons for the next few weeks. I had to make sure the kids could stay at home, or otherwise, they had to be taken care of by us. So I was busy organising, and that was somehow the way I coped with this situation. As soon as I got into a routine with the school, I realised that I got plenty of time for myself. Because now my studio was closed, I saved 2 hours a day from commuting, I had less online marketing works to be done, and I couldn’t have meetings with my friends. So I started doing things I genuinely enjoy, like drawing, crafting, hanging around with my mum or cooking. Even doing daily puzzles and mandalas on my iPad had become a thing. 

Then slowly, I caught myself falling into that comfort zone. However, I was not happy with it. I kept thinking that I needed to be productive and use every single minute to get better and be efficient. So I started to do my Skid Detox with several customers. Overnight I set up a journal for each client, and I was so excited to start. This Skin Detox was an evident success. And I had a routine that I kept for 14 days. I was eating clean, sleeping well and taking good care of my skin. I even posted everything on my Instagram to motivate all my customers. As if that was not enough, I did a lot of extra work for school or university or my parents—anything to be distracted. I was not used to being at home on my own for that long. I’m usually always on the run, for work, business, school or meeting friends. After these 14 days, I fell back. I was exhausted. Not only because of the work, but because I realised how much I missed my social interactions. Even though I was having virtual meetings with my friends, it didn’t feel the same. Being an extrovert, I do feel handicapped. 

Realising how I was fooling my self, I took some time off. I was ready to be confronted with myself. I went through all my thoughts, all my doubts, all my wishes and sorted them out. After some quiet yet thoughtful days with a chaotic sleep pattern, I feel relieved.

While being on this Corona journey for a good two months, I was able to wrap my head around this pandemic confusion. 

Not only with me but also with many other people, I could observe an immunity. Somehow we all seem to get along with this situation much better than in the beginning. Even though there were massive changes and restrictions, we all learned to adapt. 

That’s the beautiful part of it all. Nothing will last forever. And this as well shall pass. I think this is an experience none of us will ever forget. And even though we might tell our grandchildren what a dramatic and life-changing time it was, we should know that this is only a phase. We will get back to the everyday life we had before. And now I am on this journey looking forward to my landing into the regular life. My heart is again filled with a lot of hope, enthusiasm and contentedness.

How are you doing right now? Leave a comment below and tell me how you’re feeling about this whole situation! Thanks for reading 

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